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Standard Stretcher Bars


Standard Stretcher bars – 18mm slim profile canvas stretchers for slim canvas frames.
Photographers , artists and large format printers often desire a thin profile for framing.
Slim 18mm Stretcher bars fit together easily for a neat professional finish.

18mm Stretcher Frames

Standard 18mm stretchers are often used to stretch artwork that will be then framed.
Cross Braces are available to support and strengthen larger canvas frames.
Framing Canvas is simple and standard bars are available in all popular sizes.


Standard stretcher bars are available in kiln dried fir


The standard stretcher bars are machined to slot together easily in a tongue and groove fashion, and a canvas frame can be produced without the need for any tools. Once the frame is assembled, wedges can be used to re-tension the stretched canvas. The individual stretcher bars have a uniform beaded edge that supports the stretched canvas print or painting away from frame to avoid the opposite edge of the bar showing through to the artwork. There is no glue required for assembly of the frames. Kiln dried wood is preferred because it is more stable under changes in humidity Stretching canvas is a straightforward job for both novice and professional framers alike, and to cater for this, Artbloc produce a variety of stretcher bars to suit the canvas framing needs of artists , photographer and large format printers alike. The standard 18mm stretcher is the cheapest.

Standard stretcher bars also offer great value for money to the large format giclee printer, and is often the canvas frame of choice where the framing, or print job only has a small profit margin. Many high volume eBay sellers prefer the slim standard 18mm stretcher frames, because they weigh less than the chunkier gallery stretcher bars, and therefore postage rates are much cheaper.

Standard stretcher bars offer the printer or framer an economical, or an aesthetic choice. If you are looking for a slim sleek finish to your canvas prints, or require a cheap lightweight canvas frame, then the standard stretcher frames are the best choice for your canvas stretching requirements. If you prefer the “box canvas finish” then the Gallery Stretcher bars are a more suitable option

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