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Gallery Stretcher Bars


Gallery Stretcher Bars - 38mm deep canvas frame profile for stretching canvas prints and paintings. Cheap ART 98 compatible wooden stretchers for canvas frames ideal for artists and giclee printers for framing canvases easily. Available in UK warehouse for immediate delivery.

Stretcher Bar

Stretcher Bar in “Gallery” profile is the popular choice for framers looking for that box canvas finish. Stretcher frames constructed easily without tools to suit novice and professional framing studios. Artbloc canvas frames are the professional choice for framing inkjet canvas and paintings


Gallery Stretcher bars available in a choice of Pine or Spruce or wood


Stretcher Bars like most printing consumables , are available in a variety of sizes and quality. The gallery stretcher bars from ArtBloc are the most popular choice currently for framers of canvas, as they offer a chunky box canvas finish that is fashionable for wall decor , photography and the increasingly popular “photo on canvas” service offered by many print shops and studios. Thicker than the cheaper “Standard stretcher bars” by almost double the depth of frame, yet much more competitively priced than the top of the range, museum quality Heavy Duty Stretcher bars.

Gallery Stretchers are a kiln dried wood with a moisture content of less than 8% and are the most competitive choice for a combination of finish, quality and price. Available in all popular framing sizes from 8” up to 50“ inch lengths .The deep profile 3.8cm moulding strips , allow the framer to offer a variety of frame sizes for canvas prints and paintings as the bars are all interchangeable in size. This means that an 8” bar fits together with any other size bar of the same gallery stretcher bar profile, allowing the framer ,photographer or artist to offer a multitude of options from even 3 different boxes of stretchers. A Canvas printer with boxes of 8”, 10” and 12” stretcher strips can offer up to 6 different size canvas frames. 8x8, 10x10,12x12, 8x12, 8x10, 10x12.

Gallery stretcher bars in a 38mm profile suit most canvas framing jobs in the “middle ground”. If your framing job is not too price sensitive , and has an acceptable margin of profit, and you want to provide the customer with an acceptable chunky solid feel to the finished canvases, then the Gallery Stretcher bar is the perfect compromise between the Heavy Duty Stretcher Bars and the much thinner standard stretcher bars.

Stretcher bars in the UK from ArtBloc’s warehouse are available for next day delivery

Cross braces are available for all gallery stretcher bars upwards of 20” to strengthen the finished canvas frames

all prices are exclusive of vat and delivery