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Standard Stretcher Bars - Pine - 18mm


Entry level stretcher bar for making slimline neat canvas frame. Popular with many of our
customers for small canvases or for high volume low profit prints.

Canvas Frames assembled easily with no tools

Standard Stretcher Bar Pine
  • 18mm Pine Standard Stretcher Bars - Value boxes of 50 bars
  • Kiln dried to a moisture content of 8% or less.
  • Finger jointed to avoid warp or twist for longer bars.
  • The slim frame of choice for volume manufacturers
  • Cheap lightweight stretcher bars
  • For frames 22" and over we have Cross Braces available.
  • Samples available
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SSPB088inPair of bars£1.02    8inBox of 50 bars£9.67Out Of Stock
18mm Deep Pine Stretcher Bar
Pairs of barsBoxes of 50 bars
SSPB1010inPair of bars£1.35    10inBox of 50 bars£10.96
SSPB1212inPair of bars£1.41    12inBox of 50 bars£13.40
SSPB1414inPair of bars£1.69    14inBox of 50 bars£16.01Pairs Only
SSPB1616inPair of bars£1.88    16inBox of 50 bars£17.87
SSPB1818inPair of bars£2.20    18inBox of 50 bars£20.94
SSPB2020inPair of bars£2.34    20inBox of 50 bars£22.25
SSPB2222inPair of bars£2.61    22inBox of 50 bars£24.76Out Of Stock
SSPB2626inPair of bars£2.90    26inBox of 50 bars£27.55
SSPB2828inPair of bars£3.22    28inBox of 50 bars£30.63
SSPB3030inPair of bars£3.49    30inBox of 50 bars£33.12
SSPB3232inPair of bars£3.74    32inBox of 50 bars£35.50
SSPB3636inPair of bars£4.18    36inBox of 50 bars£39.70Pairs Only
Samples available - Click here
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