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Stretcher Bars for Canvas Frames


Stretcher bars and canvas frames for stretching canvas prints or paintings. Wooden canvas stretcher bars available in all popular sizes from 8inch to 72inch.

Canvas Stretchers

Stretching canvas around these frames is a simple job for an experienced or a novice canvas stretcher. Finger jointed pine fir wooden frames fit together easily with no tools required.

Artbloc stretcher bar is the industry standard favoured by large and small framers alike.

Canvas frame from Artbloc is the professional choice for stretching inkjet canvas.


Canvas stretcher bars available in three different profiles - to suit your needs.

Stretcher Bars

18mm deep - Slim Frame
Standard Stretcher Bars
Stretcher Bars

38mm deep - Chunky Frame
Gallery Stretcher Bars
Heavy Duty Stretcher Bars

Stretcher Frames are now a staple requirement for picture framers, photographers and print studios alike , as the growth of giclee printing on large format printers makes it easier for artists and photographers to print on demand their own images and designs onto inkjet canvas.

Canvas printers have different requirements depending on the expectations of their consumers. A large exhibition style artwork will often warrant being stretched over a premium wooden stretcher frame, designed for strength and weight. For this kind of framing, ArtBloc have produced a premium quality Heavy Duty Stretcher Bar as their top of the range canvas stretcher frame. Machined from a premium European kiln dried pine it has a heavy solid feel and its broad profile ensures that the bars resist movement under changes in humidity. If your customer expects a high standard to match the premium price you are charging, then the museum standard heavy duty stretcher frames are the ideal frame for stretching your premium canvas jobs.

Most canvas prints will just require a sturdy stretcher frame that achieves that chunky box canvas effect. ArtBloc have produced the Gallery Stretcher bars to meet these canvas stretching needs. A thick 38mm deep profile frame allows the artist, photographer or picture framer to offer great value for money when stretching canvases. The customer receives a very solid looking canvas print which needs no external frame and sits almost 1.5 inches away from the wall for a contemporary look. The gallery stretcher frames are machined to allow for cross braces to support larger canvas prints and paintings. Cut from kiln dried wood, this ensures low moisture content within the frame. To avoid ghost impressions through the stretched artwork, Artbloc have machined the profile of the stretcher bars to have a rounded top edge to support the canvas away from the underlying canvas frame.

Volume framers and eBay sellers often prefer our entry level Standard stretcher bars as they offer the large format printer, artist or photographer to offer value for money canvas prints and also good savings on shipping due to their low weight and slim size. Sometimes a customer simply prefers a more slim line look to his stretched canvas print or photo and opts for the standard slim stretcher frames. Artists often choose to wrap an external frame around the stretched canvas and for this purpose too, the standard stretcher frames are more suitable. Cross braces are also available for standard stretchers to support larger artwork, and all standard stretcher bars are available in popular sizes ranging from 8-72 inch to offer a wide potential combination of canvas frames.

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