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Cross Braces (Sold individually)

Cross braces for canvas frames
  • Kiln dried to a moisture content of 8% or less.
  • Finger jointed to avoid warp or twist for longer bars.

Sizes quoted are the sizes of stretcher bars the crossbrace fits. i.e. a 30" cross brace will fit a 30" bar. It does not mean the cross brace is 30" long"

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Braces for Gallery Bars
CBG20Cross Brace for Gallery Bars (Price Ea.)20in£1.27
CBG22Cross Brace for Gallery Bars (Price Ea.)22in£1.34
CBG24Cross Brace for Gallery Bars (Price Ea.)24in£1.42
CBG26Cross Brace for Gallery Bars (Price Ea.)26in£1.51
CBG28Cross Brace for Gallery Bars (Price Ea.)28in£1.59
CBG30Cross Brace for Gallery Bars (Price Ea.)30in£1.68
CBG34Cross Brace for Gallery Bars (Price Ea.)34in£1.85
CBG36Cross Brace for Gallery Bars (Price Ea.)36in£2.02
CBG38Cross Brace for Gallery Bars (Price Ea.)38in£2.10
CBG40Cross Brace for Gallery Bars (Price Ea.)40in£2.27
CBG42Cross Brace for Gallery Bars (Price Ea.)42in£2.36
CBG44Cross Brace for Gallery Bars (Price Ea.)44in£2.49
CBG46Cross Brace for Gallery Bars (Price Ea.)46in£2.61
Braces for Standard Bars
CBS22Cross Brace for Standard Bars (Price Ea.)22in£0.96
CBS24Cross Brace for Standard Bars (Price Ea.)24in£1.04
CBS26Cross Brace for Standard Bars (Price Ea.)26in£1.12
CBS28Cross Brace for Standard Bars (Price Ea.)28in£1.25
CBS30Cross Brace for Standard Bars (Price Ea.)30in£1.30
CBS32Cross Brace for Standard Bars (Price Ea.)32in£1.38
CBS34Cross Brace for Standard Bars (Price Ea.)34in£1.47
CBS36Cross Brace for Standard Bars (Price Ea.)36in£1.56
CBS38Cross Brace for Standard Bars (Price Ea.)38in£1.64
CBS40Cross Brace for Standard Bars (Price Ea.)40in£1.72
CBS42Cross Brace for Standard Bars (Price Ea.)42in£1.81
CBS44Cross Brace for Standard Bars (Price Ea.)44in£1.92
CBS46Cross Brace for Standard Bars (Price Ea.)46in£2.10
CBS48Cross Brace for Standard Bars (Price Ea.)48in£2.21
Braces for Heavy Duty Bars
CBC90Cross Brace for Heavy Duty Bars (Price Ea.)90cm£3.18
CBC100Cross Brace for Heavy Duty Bars (Price Ea.)100cm£3.53
CBC120Cross Brace for Heavy Duty Bars (Price Ea.)120cm£4.13
CBC140Cross Brace for Heavy Duty Bars (Price Ea.)140cm£4.76
CBC160Cross Brace for Heavy Duty Bars (Price Ea.)160cm£5.35
Samples available - Click here
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