How big a stretched canvas can I print?

by Artbloc on 24/02/2010

People new to canvas printing may buy a used 24″ wide printer and think they can produce a stretched canvas 24″ wide.

The truth is you are looking at a stretched canvas about 6 inches narrower than the width of the printer or canvas roll/sheet you are using.

An example. If you are printing on a 24”(610mm) Polyester Inkjet Canvas Roll using 38mm deep gallery stretcher bars, you need to allow 4.8cm of canvas each side to wrap around the edges. It is recommended that you print up to this size so the image will go slightly around the back. On top of this you also need to allow extra width for gripping the canvas during stretching. Another 5cm to 6cm minimum is needed for this. If you are using a mechanical stretching machine then you might need to allow even more for gripping as the canvas can slip through the grippers when under tension. So, the maximum canvas size you can print on a 24” roll would be 18” across.

If you are using 18mm Standard Stretcher Bars then the edge wrap is 20mm per side less.

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