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Colour Profiling Service
Free custom colour profiling service for Artbloc customers

For users of Artbloc media we offer a FREE custom ICC profiling service.

The procedure is very simple. To start off please download the two colour patch tif files. Download them separately or together as a single zip file.

Click here to download the two tifs in zip format
tif 1. Right click here
tif 2. Right click here

When downloading the tif files separately please right click on the links above and then choose from the popup menu either, "Save Link As" or "Download Linked Filed" depending on which browser you are using


These instructions are designed to give you all the information that you need to successfully output the colour patches needed for us to create an ICC print profile for your inkjet printer. These instructions are based around Epson printers and drivers, but the recommended settings are generally similar to other manufacturers’ printers. If you have any doubts about your print driver settings, then please call us for more guidance.

This remote profile is not suitable for inkjet printers driven by postscript RIP’s, colour photocopiers, colour lasers or any other type of printer apart from inkjet printers driven directly from the manufacturer’s printer drivers.

The profile we create for you will be valid only for the specific printer, paper, ink and driver settings that the patches were output with - if you change paper type for instance, you’ll need another profile to be created.


1. Output the colour patches

It is important that the two RGB remote colour patch files are output without being cropped or scaled. It is also vitally important that they are output without any colour management active in either Photoshop or your printer driver.

The settings used below may differ slightly in your own printer driver, but please follow them as closely as possible.

1. Before Open the two RGB Remote tiff files in Photoshop, making sure that your Colour Settings in Photoshop are not set to automatically convert the file(set to “Ask When Opening”, see below). On Windows and Mac OS9, the Colour Settings are in the Edit menu, or in the Photoshop menu on Mac OSX.

2. Open the two RGB Remote tiff files in Photoshop. At the Missing Profile warning click Leave as is (don’t colour manage) and press OK.

3. Select your correct printer and paper size in Page Set Up.

4. Select Print with Preview from the File menu and ensure that the Colour Management option Print Space is set to Same as Source. (On Photoshop CS2 onwards, print space is renamed as “Color Handling” and you must make sure you have selected “No Color Management”

5. In the printer driver select media/paper type that is the closest match for the paper that you are using. You may want to try out the various settings if you are using a new media to see which media/type gives the best results before profiling, this will help you get the best possible profile.

6. In the printer driver properties, click on Advanced Settings (for Epson Printers) or go to the Colour Management options and set No Colour Adjustment. On some Windows systems you may have to click ICM before the No Colour Adjustment option is available.Remember that the profile will only be valid for the settings that you choose here. What you are trying to achieve are settings that stop the print driver ‘enhancing’ (ie arbitrarily changing) the colour of your print.

7. Save the settings you have chosen (if your printer driver enables you to do this) so that they can be easily repeated or recalled later - each time you use the profile we make for you, you’ll need to use these exact settings for paper type, ink and resolution.

8. Print out both RGB Remote Patch files exactly the same way.

9. IMPORTANT! You must ensure that any output patches you produce show no signs of banding (lines through the squares).


2. Sending the patches to us

1. Please wait until the patches are dry before placing them together in an envelope - usually 2-3 hours to be safe.

2. Do not fold the patches. If you have output the A4 images on A3 paper then you can trim them down to A4 but please don’t cut into any area of the patches.

3. Place the patches in a suitable stiff backed envelope and post it to the following address with your contact details (email address) attached:

Artbloc Co. Ltd
Unit 13
42 Bayton Road

4. The profile will be emailed to the email address supplied on the order form. Be aware that profiles may sometimes be larger than 1mb so please ensure you can receive large email attachments.


3. Receiving your ICC profile

Your ICC profile will be sent to you via email. Profiles are usually created in batches so please allow up to a week.

When you receive your profile, it needs to be stored in a specific directory or folder in order to be recognised by your ICC-aware applications. On a PC you can just right-click on the profile and select Install Profile from the menu. Remember that your applications may have to be restarted in order to ‘see’ the new profile. It is also a good idea to make a safe copy of your profile - just in case!

Profile locations:

  • Mac OS X: /Library/Colorsync/Profiles
  • Mac OS 9: System Folder/Colorsync Profiles
  • Win 98 / ME: C:\Windows\System\Color
  • Win 2000: C:\ WinNT\System32\Spool\Drivers\Color
  • Win XP: C:\Windows\System32\Spool\Drivers\Color

4. Using your new profile

1. Select the printer and paper size in the Page Set Up dialogue as per normal.

2. Select Print with Preview from the File menu. Select your new profile under the Colour Management option’s Print Space (Photshop 6 - 8) - for Photoshop CS2 onwards, select Let Photoshop Determine Colors under Color Handling and then select your new printer profile name under Printer Profile. Setting the Intent to Perceptual will generally give you the very best results.

3. Use the same custom settings in the printer driver as you did for outputting the original colour patches.

4. Remember that the profile will only improve your printed results if you use exactly the same paper, ink and printer driver options.

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