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Canvas Frames – stretchers for canvas


Canvas frames for stretching canvas prints and paintings.

Picture framing made easy with stretcher bars.

Ideal for canvas art, canvas prints and canvas paintings.

Stretcher bars

Stretcher bars available in all sizes from 8” to 72” inch

Wooden stretchers for stretching art and photos on canvas

Custom frame sizes easily made with 24 different sizes of bars


ArtBloc Canvas frames available in 3 different profiles for framing canvas

Stretcher Bars

18mm deep - Slim Frame
Standard Stretcher Bars
Stretcher Bars

38mm deep - Chunky Frame
Gallery Stretcher Bars
Heavy Duty Stretcher Bars

Canvas frames are now a necessary product for all picture framers, photographers and large format inkjet printers after the advances in modern giclee printing. Inkjet printing on large format printers is now more affordable than ever, and cheap canvas prints can easily be printed from customers own photographs for “photos on canvas” type services.

Artists and photographers no longer need to produce thousands of prints of a painting or photo they would like to publish. Canvas giclee printing now allows a print on demand of a preferred image or artwork.

To balance these advances and ease of production of canvas prints, ArtBloc have produced three different profiles and standards of stretcher bars for framing these canvas prints.

Standard Stretchers bars at 18mm deep profile are economical stretchers for producing thin profile framed canvas prints and paintings. These are often used where margins are very slim and the requirement is to produce a cheap canvas picture. Another advantage of the standard stretcher bars a, is that the slim profile also means that the frame is lightweight and therefore it is cheaper to ship with a courier service to the customer.

Gallery stretcher bars are the most popular stretchers sold by ArtBloc. 38mm deep profile ensures a chunky box canvas effect when stretching prints or paintings over canvas frames assembled from the gallery bars. Cross braces are available in all sizes over 20” for strengthening the assembled canvas frame.

Heavy duty Stretcher bars are the premium stretcher frames produced by ArtBloc for framing canvas. Manufactured from kiln-dried European pine, the heavy Duty Stretcher bars are perfect for those special requirements, where a museum standard of finish is necessary. Limited edition canvases or fine art photographic prints will benefit from these premium stretcher bars as they are almost twice as heavy as the popular gallery bars, but their solid feel and perfect straightness make them the ideal compliment for those exacting requirements from customers who are willing to pay a premium price to stretch and frame their canvas artwork.

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